Vanco Spot for Dot SPOTFD1 flush mount in-wall amplifier

$ 299.00

  • In-wall amplifier that is powered and controlled by the Amazon Echo Dot
  • Flush mounts the Amazon Echo Dot into a wall or ceiling for a clean look with no exposed wiring
  • Can be used with almost any in-wall, in-ceiling, or in-room speaker
  • 25 Watts x 2 Channels 8 Ohm
  • 40 Watts x 2 Channels 4 Ohm
  • 110-240 V 50/60Hz
  • Can support up to 4 speakers being connected through a single amp
  • Auxiliary audio input to run from another source
  • White and almond faceplates included
  • Amazon Echo Dot sold separately

Spot for dot is a wall mount station for the echo dot (2nd generation) with a built in 80-watt amplifier to deliver Music and information amplified to any set of speakers.

The unique design also allows audio input from a variable line level source, such as a phone, tablet or TV (headphone or variable audio output) to be connected and played through the amplifier to almost any kind of speakers).

Perfect for a 2 channel setup with Alexa voice control available at any time.

For a clean look with no wiring exposed, the spot for dot is a great solution.

Include one in every room for wireless distributed audio!

Spot for dot mounts within a standard 2x4 stud wall at least 3 5/8" Depth, and can be tapped into the main electrical wiring for a seamless appearance.

We recommend that you use a professional electrician to install the spot for dot due to the power requirements