ebay AC10W6 - 10w AC adapter with built in 6 foot cord and USB type A connector

$ 19.99

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AC10W6 - 10w AC adapter designed with a 6 foot cord and USB type A connector

  • Is your smartphone AC adapter too weak and charging too slow? 
  • Need a longer power cord?
  • Worried about overcurrent, overheating or fire?
  • Do you have poor performance with cheaply made chargers and cables?
  • Do you have several devices with connectors different from your charger?

The AC10W6 is an advanced design AC wall charger that includes a 6 ft cord,  designed to provide full power for the entire length, has a usb type A connector, works with the 3 ft device cable you have (OEM recommended) for a total of 9 ft, has advanced "crowbar" circuits to cut off overcharging and overheating situations, and costs about the same as a quality wall charger and 6 foot cable.