5v3A AC + J48 jumper + 32gb microSD with OS for NVIDIA Jetson Nano DevKit

$ 119.00

5v3A AC + J48 jumper + 32gb microSD with OS for NVIDIA Jetson Nano DevKit

- If you are buying an NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit there are a few extra things you are going to need.

You are probably already aware of the need for an HDMI Monitor and cable, Keyboard and Mouse, usb hub, wifi button, etc.

You are also going to need a 5v 3a AC power supply and J48 jumper as well as a fast 32gb micro SD card with the OS installed.

There are 2 versions of the OS:

1) the "starter version" on the setup page of the NVIDIA site:

2) the "course version" used in the free NVIDIA DLI course:

Remember: this package does not include a NANO Dev Kit which must be purchased separately.

Package 1: AC, Jumper and 1 SD card with the OS of choice
(we'll send the starter OS version if you don't specify, just let us know when you order)

- $119 including shipping

Want both OS on 2 separate cards? - 149.00 including shipping.

This package saves you the time needed to: 
1) download, install and run the SD Memory Card formatter, 
2) then installing Etcher, 
3) then formatting the card and installing the OS ready to be used in a NANO to Boot

Also includes a free lifetime replacement/refreshment of the card and OS in the event something bad happens. Just pay shipping both ways.