About Usedipaq

Usedipaq is dedicated to mobile machine learning platforms, development kits and accessories such as RGB, Multispectral and Hyperspectral (HSI) cameras that work with them to perform machine learning applications.

  • Nvidia Jetson Xavier, TX2, Nano
  • Google Development Board and Accelerator
  • Raspberry Pi 4

In addition, We also support the community of users of certain hp ipaq  mobile legacy systems whose users still need support.

Some Examples are: 

  • hp ipaq pda users, 
  • Sandsik 1G and 2G users, 
  • CTL intel pc2go users, 
  • etc.

We provide the products, repair services, parts, accessories and supplies such as batteries, etc.  

We've been doing this since 2001 and will continue as long as the comunity exists.

Frank Kurka
44 Mechanic ST STE 213
Newton, MA  02464
(617) 910-0092


  • We are outside the city of Boston and sell to the world
  • We have shops on Amazon, Walmart, ebay, Shopify and others
  • You can contact us at: (617) 910-0092
  • Social links (Twitter, Facebook).