AC10W6-3 : 5v 2a AC charger with 6ft power cord w 3 usb connection types A, Mini; Type C

$ 29.99

AC10W6 : 5v 2a smartphone AC charger with a 6ft(2m) power cord with built in 6ft reach for use with NVIDIA or Google Development Kits

- 5v 2a AC power supply with 6ft power cord

- 10w dc power for DevKits, smartphones and/or wireless stands
- designed with 6ft cable already included, then add your existing cable for 9ft total
- comes with usb type A female adapter, and type C and Mini male adapters

- has crowbar circuit to shut off excessive current or heat

- $29.99 including shipping,
: compare to weaker apple 5w supply plus cable ($19 + 19 = $36 plus shipping)