- Raspberry Pi 4
- NVIDIA / Google Machine Learning Development Kits
- Autonomous Robots and Drones
- SD and Micro TF Memory cards
- hp ipaq PDA devices

with new and used systems, unique specialized cases, cables, batteries, wireless chargers, audio and memory,  and other useful add-ons such as SD and TF memory devices all customized to customer purchasing requirements.

Usedipaq is also dedicated to the ongoing support of users of hp ipaq and Sandisk legacy systems whose original manufacturer has left them behind.

We also develop custom mobile software using:
- Flutter and Dart
- React Native client and server
- NSBasic w PhoneGap
- LiveCode
- Visual Studio C# and Xamarin
- Unity and Vuforia
- Microsoft UWP/HWA
- Google PWA
- Python for Machine Learning Applications

We are involved with Augmented Reality, eCommerce, mental health applications, mobile machine learning applications and IOT integration.

To discuss any of our services in more detail, call Frank Kurka at (617) 910-0092 or email: